Welcome to to Teach Bhrides Project on the Ancient Spaces around Carlow. some thoughts and reflections on the world nearby, and our own personal journey. Something a little different to read on your coffee break, if you get one :} 

Ancient spaces some of which have Ancient Stone sites, others Monastic sites also marking Ancient Celtic Spaces no longer visible, yet somehow still with us here in County Carlow and beyond.

The Project will look not just at the 'What and the Who' of these spaces, but also the heart and mind of our ancient forerunners. A different time, yet as a race we may retain some of their traits, that we don't notice so much. These ancient hearts and minds lived in awareness of the thread in Life that said Life in itself is Sacred, and an important journey..... for all of us. 

Our Blogs are Here: 1. Teach Bhride Ancient Spaces. Introduction.

                                2.  Teach Bhride Ancient Spaces. Killeshin.

                                3.   Teach Bhride Ancient Spaces. Sleaty.

                                4.  Teach Bhride Ancient Spaces. Clonmore

                                5.  Teach Bhride Ancient Spaces. Killoughternane

                                6. Teach Bhride Ancient Spaces-Ullard



  More soon.   Warmly   Keith at Teach Bhride.