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Black Stairs from Killeshin Hills, Co CarlowBlack Stairs in winter, Co CarlowToward the Black Stairs, Co CarlowRain clears near Ballymurphy, Co CarlowDucketts Grove illuminated, Co Carlow 1Ducketts Grove illuminated, Co Carlow 2Looking toward Kiledmond, Co CarlowMilford Bridge at 9am in Spring, Co CarlowMilford Mill and Bridge on the Barrow, Co CarlowRemembering the past at Milford, Co CarlowM9 and river Barrow near Milford, Co CarlowKnocknagee Cross, Co CarlowOld Diving Board on the Barrow at CarlowRomanesque Doorway Killeshin, Co CarlowLooking south at Fenniscourt Bridge, Co CarlowSummers morning near Tomard, Co CarlowNear Rathoe, Co CarlowThe Library and the Slaney River in Tullow, Co CarlowLate evening near CarlowEvening sun at Knockbeg on the Barrow.