Welcome to Keith Dowling Photography: not just beautiful images and client galleries, but also online access to choose a print, a wall product, framed image, or canvas to name few. And for those who prefer to use their local lab, digital downloads are available. All images on this site are colour corrected for optimum results.

We thought it would be useful to create a client help page to describe the options available to you, including the easy ordering process and sharing your photos with others, so here are a few pointers.

On the Home page click on the My Photographs tab in the tool bar (top right of the screen) and select the gallery group you want. If it's Portraiture or Wedding then it will be under the tab Client Gallery . These galleries are usually password protected, for just those you wish to invite.

If it's the Carlow File or landscape photography, then you will find those galleries under the tab: Main Galleries

Choose the gallery name you want, by double clicking it. A series of thumbnails (small versions of the photos) will appear. When you double click on an image, it will appear large on the left hand side, while all the other images will be seen as thumbnails on the right hand side.

Above the thumbnails there are three tabs: Buy, Share, Slideshow. A word about the last two.

Share allows you to share the image and/or gallery with friends on social media, such as Facebook. It creates a link and opens up your chosen social media site, where you can invite others or make a comment etc.... .

Slideshow allows you to run a slideshow to view all the images in your gallery to enjoy, or indeed share that too.

Also under the thumbnails you will see a list of products,  however if you scroll to the bottom on the right hand side you will see a button that says View ALL Products. Click this to take you to all the options of frames, prints and other products.

If, for example, you select a Framed Print, information about the frame and the print detail will appear on your right, and on your left it refers to the Selected product group, (High lighted).

To purchase, select Add to Cart . Here it returns to the gallery showing the image you've selected. To view what you have purchased, simply hover the mouse (without clicking) over the Cart tab. You will see a brief summary of the items inside. To edit or change your purchases, simply click  View cart where you can make changes to the frame, the mount, the quantity etc. If you double click on the image in your cart, here you can crop (change size) or reposition your image within the frame.

Please note: if you are cropping, make sure the image you want is INSIDE the RED LINE in the crop window. 

Under the image in your cart, there is a tab named More products with this photo that allows you to select other products using the same image, without having to go all the way back to the gallery. 

Helping to keep your purchases clear and recordable at Keith Dowling Photography, you can even email the contents of your cart yourself by clicking Email cart on the top right side of the screen.

Finally clicking Checkout   will complete your purchase or transaction, along with asking you for the  detail of your  shipping address etc... . Remember if you're creating a gift for family or friends it will ship to them direct once you have entered their address. You can even insert a greeting or message.

Remember too, your gallery remains open as long as you need it, so that on special occasions later in the year, you can revisit and create some more memories for someone special in your life.

Enjoy! And when you can, please leave a comment or two in our Guestbook page. That's available at the top of the Home Page.      Keith