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Graigue Bridge. Still waters on the river Barrow.  28x12.Killeshin early morning looking toward the  Black stairs.  20x16  OR  10x8Still waters on the river Barrow at Graigue Bridge. 24x16  OR  12x8Sunrise over carlow from Killeshin. Note Church spries in distant foreground.  20x16 OR 10x8Clogrennane Wood County Carlow.Dolmen by starry light. 20x16  OR  10x8Clogrennane Wood, County Carlow.Football players, Browne Street Carlow. 20x16 OR 10x8Station Road. 20x16  OR  10x8Little Barrack Street Carlow  20x16  OR  10x8Lberty Tree at Potato Market  20x16  OR  10x8Carlow Castle.  20x16  OR  10x8St Mullins Ancient Christian site.  20x16  OR  10x8Clonegal Castle.  20x16  OR  10x8Carlow College St patricks 2015  20x16  OR  10x8Altimont gardens near Ballon. 20x16  OR  10x8Carlow Sugar factory, that was.  20x16  OR  10x8Post Office Corner Carlow.  20x16  OR  10x8Centaur Street.  20x16  OR  10x8