Joni Scanlon(non-registered)
I was searching for just the right photographer for a commercial portrait project and must have reviewed dozens of online galleries before coming across Keith Dowling's sample of work. I knew I'd found the right photographer. I thought I was a perfectionist but on the day of the photo shoot he took shot after shot until he felt he had something I'd be happy with. He's more than 'just a photographer' -- he's an artist with a camera, only without the pretentiousness. I very highly recommend!
Amgad Gerges(non-registered)
Keith, you are a true artist. Well done, each photo tells a story. God bless
Bernhard V O'Hare(non-registered)
Pollerton Road. 5am. Captures the sense of intrigue and quiet of that time of day like no other photo I've seen. Fantastic Keith.
Ed Finnerty(non-registered)
Paul got that comment straight out of my head! They are so beautiful Keith. Well done, and thanks for sharing.
Paul Proteus(non-registered)
The geometry and colours in the window pictures in the Ryans Daughter Landscapes blend wonderfully the modern and old worlds. Fantastic eye Keith.
Kilgore Trout(non-registered)
The colours in the Australia gallery are beautiful Keith. The grays and blues in the skies... The blue mountains. And I love your portait-landscapes too!
jan moerman(non-registered)
Hi Keith, the beauty you show speaks volumes about how the Irish slot so easily into this far away land.
Long may your passions last !.
John Moerman
Danny Brookes(non-registered)
Excellent photos, Australia looks fantastic from your collection.
Michelle Lovius
Hi Keith - soon to be sister in law here :) This is the photo that I love!
Ignatius J Reilly(non-registered)
I like your B&W Southern Spanish Collection Keith. Particularly so, the empty couples spots under the triangular-leaf-arranged-to-be-shades. Keep up the extremely high quality work!
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