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Seeing with more than your eyes

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More than ever our world is saturated with visual stimuli. Images of everything: big, small, moving, flickering, in your pocket, on screen, on the wall, on the van, the taxi, the truck, on your skin. Visuals for deciding, feeling, learning, identity and more ...

Often with so much information moving toward us and around us, time itself becomes compressed and it flickers by too ... no time.

So, this little blog becomes a 20 second time out for that beautiful ability that all we humankind have: to SEE

To avert our gaze. To look & SEE.

Why? Because without sounding too corny, Love and Beauty is all around us ...

... and it sometimes reveals itself when we allow ourselves simply to look, to SEE.

20 seconds or so. Breath a little. Look and SEE ... connect inside and out, and there you are 'yourself', your good self.

Beauty in the ordinary ...

a landscape

a streetscape

a tree in the rain

they look and catch hands

the bus driver smiled

the waitress looked tired, but smiled anyway

sun on the road after rain.

Here's a few ...

Sisters by the seaSisters by the sea

Through hereThrough hereOld path, old ways, the gate.

On the way to DunquinOn the way to DunquinNatural Macro or Abstract



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